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High Quality Flexible Expandable Garden Hose High Pressure Nozzle Spraye Washer Gun Car Wash Hose Expandable Garden Water Hose

High Quality Flexible Expandable Garden Hose High Pressure Nozzle Spraye Washer Gun Car Wash Hose Expandable Garden Water Hose

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Garden Hose Reel Type: Water Hose

Brand Name: other

Model Number: ZLT0002

Type: Garden Hose Reels

Feature: Adjustable

Feature: Anti-Abrasion

Feature: Flexible

Feature: Soft

Standard: ANSI

Material: Rubber

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

• High Pressure Nozzle :The garden hose features a high pressure nozzle, ensuring effective water distribution and superior cleanliness for your outdoor spaces.

• Expandable Design :With its expandable design, this garden hose can reach up to 50 feet, providing ample length for various gardening tasks.

• Flexible material:Made from durable rubber, the hose is flexible and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance.

• Versatile Use :Ideal for various scenarios such as garden watering, car washing, and house washing, this hose offers a versatile solution for your outdoor needs.

• Soft Feature :The soft feature of the hose makes it easy to handle and maneuver, enhancing your gardening experience.

• ANSI standard:Compliant with ANSI standards, this garden hose guarantees safety and reliability in your gardening tasks.


Product name: High Quality Flexible Expandable Garden Hose with High Pressure Nozzle Spraye

Color: Blue

Size: 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, 100ft,150ft

Package: OPP Bag


◆The nozzle rotates gently, the umbrella-like spray water spreads, and each rotation has a different shape. You can adjust different spray shapes according to different cleaning parts.

◆Hose not only can withstand high water pressure and ensure its service life, but also can prevent you from hidden dangers due to pipe rupture. No need to worry about leaking, tearing or breaking details.

◆The flexible material used in the hose, high-strength and firm braided shell, can effectively protect the latex tube. The advanced design will not be tangled or twisted.

◆The hose automatically expands and drains. After the hose is automatically expanded and filled with water to a normal size, it retracts to cut off the water, which is easy to store and anti-aging.

◆Hose watering garden supplies are suitable for all your outdoor watering needs. The retractable garden hose can even water the lawn, clean the garden, wash the car, and even bathe your pet. The garden makes your life easier.


* Due to the shooting light, there may be slight differences in color, please do not worry!

* The expandable water pipe needs sufficient water pressure to be fully extended.

* Due to the long legs during transportation, the packaging may be damaged, please do not buy if you mind, thank you.

* Thank you very much for choosing our products, I wish you a happy shopping.