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Nirontek Casal Athenas

Nirontek Casal Athenas

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🌟 Introducing the ATHENAS Double Bed: Where Sophistication Meets Comfort! 🌟

Enhance the elegance of your bedroom with the ATHENAS Double Bed, meticulously crafted to offer both style and comfort for a rejuvenating night's sleep.


  • Height: 1120mm
  • Width: 1470mm
  • Depth: 2060mm

Constructed from premium MDF/MDP materials, the ATHENAS Double Bed exudes sophistication and durability, making it the perfect addition to your bedroom sanctuary.

Sturdy MDF Legs: Featuring MDF legs with an impressive thickness of 74mm, the ATHENAS Bed offers unparalleled stability and support, ensuring a peaceful night's rest.

🪑 Sleek Side Bars: The 25mm MDF side bars add a touch of modern elegance to the bed's design, enhancing its structural integrity while elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

🛏️ Durable Bed Frame: The 6mm MDF bed frame provides a sturdy foundation for your mattress, ensuring optimal support and comfort throughout the night.

🔧 Generous Mattress Compatibility: Designed to accommodate 1380mm mattresses, the ATHENAS Bed offers ample space for you to relax and unwind after a long day.

💤 Highlight Details: Admire the intricate highlight details that adorn the bed, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to your bedroom décor.

🌙 Double-Sided Panel: The double-sided panel design of the ATHENAS Bed ensures versatility and aesthetic appeal from any angle, allowing you to customize your bedroom to your liking.

⚙️ Reinforced Support Structure: With five sturdy battens and an anti-noise device, the ATHENAS Bed offers enhanced stability and quiet operation, ensuring a peaceful sleep environment.

Transform your bedroom into a luxurious retreat with the ATHENAS Double Bed and experience the perfect blend of style, sophistication, and comfort. 🌟🛏️